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What is LATA?
What can I expect when I apply for membership?
What should I not expect when I apply for membership?
What is the best recommendation for finding people to play?
What if I am just a beginner or haven’t picked up a raquet in years?
Should I take lessons before I join LATA?
Where does LATA play tennis?
If I want to sign up for Team Tennis or any other activity, what do I do?
Can I contact other members to play tennis outside of organized activities?
How do I become a LATA member?

What is LATA?
The Los Angeles Tennis Association is a non-profit Tennis Organization that offers organized tennis activities and social events to enhance tennis play in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. We are guided by a group of member volunteers (our annually elected Board of Directors) who keep the activities and events running, and keep the members informed. We call upon all members to join in organizing the events, as well as participating in them. Our goal is to bring together a "tennis-playing" community of gay and lesbian people, although we welcome non-gay or non-lesbian folks to enlist as well and to enjoy what we offer.

What can I expect when I apply for membership?
Membership sign-up will get you four important things: Access to the MEMBERS ONLY section of our website, access to a Membership Directory, including contact information, geographic locations, and playing level abilities of all our members, access to past and present issues of our Monthly Newsletter, THE SCORE, which will keep you informed of all LATA activities. You will also be invited to attend our two annual parties – our Summer Social and our year-end Holiday party.

What should I not expect when I apply for membership?
The biggest misconception about membership in LATA is that one applies and tennis activities come to them. While it’s true that a whole varied range of tennis activities are instantly available to our members, you still need to be proactive about participating in and signing up for the individual activities. Membership is simply a required step for participation. Each activity requires specific sign-up and an associated fee, as each activity is organized by different members and is designed to be financially self-sustaining. Please familiarize yourself with the different activities organized by LATA by clicking on the different tabs above.

What is the best recommendation for finding people to play?
Without a doubt, sign up for Team Tennis. This is our most popular activity for a reason. It is very well organized and matches members to many, many players of like ability in a ten week period. Even if structured tennis is not for you, we recommend that you cut your teeth in LATA by participating in Team Tennis for one season. Most likely you will come back, but at the very least, you will sample a good selection of tennis players of similar level, and can—from then on—set up matches outside of Team Tennis.

What if I am just a beginner or haven’t picked up a racquet in years?
That’s the best part of LATA. But for the exception of our Inter-City Team Competitions, all of our other activities are designed to include players of all levels from Open to "never touched a racquet". LATA has an "in-house" ranking system made up of 9 levels of playing ability. These levels ensure that players are matched up with opponents of near equal abilities, much closer than the USTA scale (3.5, 4.0, etc.), which LATA does not employ. Your level is determined based on an advance informal visual evaluation of your playing ability. We have dozens of players at all nine levels, including beginners. And, of course, under structured (Team Tennis) play, if you improve or are out-gunned, your assigned level will be adjusted.

Should I take lessons before I join LATA?
Definitely not necessary. Tennis lessons are a good idea for real enthusiasts who have the time and money. We have found that most members improve their play quickest by simply playing more often. After the lesson, tennis pros will tell you to get out and play. That’s the real opportunity that LATA provides. Through the resources of this club, you will have year-round access to players of all levels and styles, in competitive, structured, or more informal settings—whatever may suit you and your schedule…and your pocketbook. If you are concerned that you are a beginner who hasn’t been taught the basic rules and scoring, the other beginning members that you will be playing will talk you through it on your first day.

Where does LATA play tennis?
Keep in mind that LATA does not host a "drop-in" type of activity of any kind. Due to demand and a variety of playing levels, advance sign-up facilitates fair play and organization. Each activity is planned differently each year and the locations are determined by availability. However, currently the most frequently used locations for our organized events are these:

For Team Tennis:Studio City Golf & Tennis
 4141 Whitsett Ave. (North of Ventura Blvd.)
 La Cienega Tennis Center
 325 S. La Cienega Blvd. (South of Wilshire Blvd.)
 Burbank Tennis Center
 1515 N. Glenoaks Blvd. (at corner of Amherst)

If I want to sign up for Team Tennis or any other activity, what do I do?
There are two activities you can sign up for when applying for membership: 1) Challenge Ladder, and 2) Team Tennis. The general Membership Application includes the Challenge Ladder sign-up option year-round. You simply check the box and include the Ladder fee with your Membership fee. Sign-ups for Team Tennis occur two times per year. The general Membership application is modified in November to include Team Tennis sign-up for Winter League which begins play in late January; and again in May the application is modified for sign-up for Summer League which begins play in late July. For Team Tennis your two sign-up periods are early November to mid-January and early May to mid-July. As a non-member wanting to sign up for Team Tennis, you should come back to our website here at the beginning of these sign-up periods, print out our Membership Application under the "Membership" page, and follow the directions for Team Tennis sign-up. It is best to apply as soon as the modified application is available. Team Tennis fills up well before deadlines, and the applications are mailed directly to current members through the Newsletter before they are posted on the website.

For the other activities, Tournaments, Social Doubles, Inter-city competitions, these are annual events for which you must apply by way of separate applications made available in our MEMBERS ONLY section on this website.

Can I contact other members to play tennis outside of organized activities?
If a members phone number or e-mail address is listed in the Membership Directory, that member has made it available to the full membership. LATA honors every request by its members to not disclose personal information in our published lists, even though we have it on record. Once you become a member, please feel free to contact any member in the current Directory who has provided contact information, but we, of course, insist you use common sense and courtesy when making phone calls to the home or office. Also keep in mind, every member has the right and should exercise the right to decline any request. As well, keep in mind, the Membership Directory is a list of "tennis players", not "tennis singles" although you may someday meet the person of your dreams playing tennis, the LATA Directory is not an alternative to speed dating.

How do I become a LATA member?
This is the easiest direction of all. Go to the "Membership" page on this website and follow the directions for printing the application. Fill it out, sign it, and send it in with your check to the address on the bottom. Look for the additional options of Challenge Ladder and Team Tennis, if you are interested in participating in either or both. You will need Adobe Acrobat to print out the application. If you are unable to print an application online, e-mail the Membership Director for a application to be mailed to you.

2014 Team Tennis Signups Now Open!

The 2014 Winter Team Tennis season will begin in late January 2014. Signups open now. Go to Login/Register above. 2014 Membership Required.

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