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About LATA



What’s LATA?
Your “court away from home”, the Los Angeles Tennis Association is a non-profit organization offering tennis and social activities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Our annually elected Board of Directors serves our membership by promoting greater health and happiness in helping players reach their potential on and off the court. As a volunteer league, we succeed on participation. And unlike other leagues, you’re not signing up with strangers. LATA’s goal has always been simple: we thrive on creating a "tennis-playing" community of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people — although, absolutely, all are welcome. We. Want. You.


I’m thinking about joining. What should I expect?
There’s a reason people say, with amazed faces, “Wow. You guys have more fun!” Membership gets you access to the MEMBERS ONLY areas of our website including our vast Membership Directory and newsletter, THE SCORE, which keeps you in the know on all activities LATA— clinics, weekend Social Doubles, fun outings, etc. Being a member also comes with invitations to a pair of our annual parties: the Summer Picnic and the lavish year-end Holiday Party. And, of course, you can register for all those cool tennis leagues you’ve been hearing about!


What should I NOT expect if I join?
Where other leagues can be impersonal and not as welcoming, LATA is, at its heart, a family of friends who love the game. But the biggest misconception is that one becomes a member and tennis activities suddenly come to you.  A wide range of options becomes instantly available once a person becomes a Member, but — as the saying goes — "the ball is in your court. Take the initiative and sign up, ask questions and give new things a try. Your experience is exactly what you make of it. And somewhere along the line, you just might make a friend or two.


If I become a member, what’s the best recommendation for finding people to play?
Without a doubt: register for one of the leagues. These structured formats match players of similar abilities over a 10 to 12-week league. Give it a try for one season. Many members make themselves available to sub, which provides a terrific initiation to our many leagues and sites. The Challenge Ladder is another wonderful option: players schedule matches on their own and move up/down the “ladder” where everything culminates in thrilling tournament play. There’s also the increasingly popular Social Doubles format. We normally offer this option twice a month during off-season and monthly during regular play. Keep in mind that as a Member, the Membership Directory is always at your fingertips. You’ll find a list of players across all skill levels. Reach out to them.


What if I’m just a beginner, or haven’t picked up a racquet in years?
Perhaps the very best thing about LATA is that the greatest share of our activities are designed to include players of all levels, from Open to G. Our in-house ranking system pairs up players across eight skill levels — you’ll likely find it a more accurate assessment than the standard USTA skill. Your level will be determined by an informal visual evaluation (“Ranking Day”). And, of course, under structured play, if you improve or take a step back, your assigned tier will be adjusted.


Should I take lessons before I join?
Not necessary. But it would help if you at least brushed up on the basics: where to stand, how to keep score, how to hold your racquet, etc. Don’t be nervous. We can talk you through it on Ranking Day. And know this: most Members improve their play quickly by simply playing more often. And that’s the real opportunity that LATA provides. Through the resources of this club, you will have year-round access to players of all levels and styles in competitive, structured, or informal settings — whatever suits your schedule. Help us help you succeed!


Where does LATA play tennis?
Keep in mind that LATA doesn’t host “drop-in” play. Due to demand and variety, advance sign-up facilitates fair play and a well-run organization. Activities and venues each year are determined by availability. But the most frequently used locations for our tennis events are these:





Weddington Golf & Tennis (Studio City)


4141 Whitsett Ave. (between Ventura Blvd. and Moorpark)




La Cienega Tennis Center (Beverly Hills)


325 S. La Cienega Blvd. (@ Wilshire)




Burbank Tennis Center


1515 N. Glenoaks Blvd. (@ Amherst)




Cheviot Hills Tennis (Los Angeles)


2551 Motor Ave.




Lakewood Tennis Center (Long Beach leagues)


4212 Clubhouse Dr., Lakewood




If I want to sign up for Team Tennis, Singles Only or Doubles Only leagues, or any other activity, what do I do?
Right off the bat, there are four great activities you can register for when applying for Membership: 1) the Challenge Ladder, 2) Team Tennis, and 3) Singles Only and 4) Doubles Only leagues. The general Membership Application includes the Challenge Ladder sign-up option year-round. Simply check the box and include the Ladder fee with your Membership dues. Sign-ups for Team Tennis and (when available) Singles and Doubles Only leagues occur twice per year. General Membership applications are posted in November for Winter League which begins play in late January; Summer League sign-ups are posted in May for play beginning in late July. 

If you’re a Non-Member wishing to join a league and miss the sign-up period, don’t be deterred. Your Membership still allows you to sub and jump right in to a wide array of offerings. Other activities — including Tournaments, Social Doubles, Inter-city competitions (Cal Cup, Pac Cup, West Coast Cup) — are annual and recurring events for which you must apply separately. Want more info?  Just click “Contact Us” and we’ll get back to you.


Can I contact other Members to play?
Once you become a Member, of course. Please exercise common sense and courtesy. If a Member’s phone number or e-mail address is listed in the Membership Directory, that Member has made it available to the full membership. Keep in mind that LATA is committed to respecting our Members’ privacy. We honor every request to not disclose personal information in our published lists, even though we have it on record — just as you should also respect any declined requests to play or communicate. And please, no solicitations.


How do I join?
It’s the easiest thing. 1.) Create a Sport Engine User Account if you don't have one. 2.) Click on "Registration”  3.) Follow the steps to signing up.  That’s all!