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LATA Challenge Forum for Ladder/Challenge Day

Use this Forum to claim Challenge Day Spots and find opponents for Challenge matches. Here is the information required to reserve a Challenge Day Spot

- Both Players' names/Ranks, What Day and Time is to be claimed
- Examples; Peter Boyer (A) Challenges Rodney Ferrell (A) for August 23rd Challenge Day, 7-8pm or Peter Boyer (A) is looking for an opponent (A or B) for August 23rd Challenge Day at 7pm
Comments will be regularly moderated and available slots will be filled by availability based on when BOTH PLAYERS are confirmed.

Challenge Day - August 23rd, 7-9pm Cheviot Hills Tennis Courts

7-8pm 8-9pm
Court 3 Matt Bauer (C) vs Ding Kong (B)
Court 4 Tyler Parks (C) vs Vik Govindarajan
Court 5
Court 8
Court 9